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Motor Policies

Our Motor Policies

The Phoenix Comprehensive Insurance

Our Comprehensive Motor policy covers the following:

  • Vehicle loss or damage to the insured vehicle, resulting from accidental collision, overturning consequent upon mechanical breakdown or upon wear and tear, theft, burglary and house break-in, fire, external explosion, self-ignition or lightning;
  • Third party legal liability;
  • Third Party Property Damage - Limit of liability is GH¢1,000.00. Higher limits can, however be obtained, by the payment of additional premium.
  • Death or bodily injury to third parties - Compensation for death or bodily injury sustained as a result of an accident to members of insured’s household and gratuitous passengers

Additional covers include malicious act, riots and strikes, civil commotion, flood, tycoon, hurricane and tempest, and other convulsion of nature. In each of these cases, the insurer’s limit of liability is the sum insured.

Benefits of the Motor Comprehensive Policy

Benefits include:

  • Refund of reasonable towing costs;
  • Payment of basic first-aid costs for injuries by Insured and other occupants as a result of an accident;
  • Personal Accident benefits payable to insured and the driver of the motor vehicle, and
  • Free replacement of damaged windscreen.

Additional benefits of our comprehensive motor policy include transferable No Claim Discount (NCD) accrued from previous insurers, and negotiable credit facility.

Third Party Insurance

This policy grants protection in respect of legal liability for death of (or bodily injury to) third parties, and for damage to property of third parties.

Third Party (Fire & Theft)

This policy is very similar to the Third Party cover described above, and is extended to cover loss or damage to the insured’s vehicle, arising out of fire and theft.



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