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The Phoenix Standard Fire Insurance Policy

The Phoenix Standard Fire Insurance Policy protects owners of insured property against fire, lightning, and explosion, arising out of domestic use of boilers or gas.

The Phoenix Fire and Allied Perils Insurance Policy

This policy covers damage resulting from fire, lightning and explosion. Additional perils that are also covered include impact, aircraft, wind storm, flood, bursting pipes, earthquakes, riots and strikes.


Third Party Insurance

The Phoenix Combined Policy

This policy covers the following risks and perils:

  • Fire and Allied Perils;
  • Burglary;
  • Public Liability, and
  • Group Personal Accident.

Third Party Insurance

The Phoenix Asset All Risks Policy

This policy covers fire and allied Perils, and all accidental damages to the item(s) insured.


Third Party Insurance

The Phoenix Business Interruption Policy

This insures a business against the loss of income and additional expenditure, caused by interruption or interference in business operations through fire and/or its allied perils insured against.


Third Party Insurance

Requirements for Fire Policy to be underwritten

The following information is required by the insurer, to enable the relevant risk to be underwritten:

  • Situation of the property (i.e. location);
  • Estimated value of the property;
  • List of contents, i.e. office equipment, fixtures & fittings (e.g. air conditioners), and
  • Name and make / model of the items.

Phoenix Comprehensive Insurance

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Third Party Insurance

Applicable Discounts for Fire Policy

The following discounts be applicable:

  • Long-term Agreement Discount;
  • Hydrant Discount, and
  • Special Discount.