With over fifteen years of superb operational efficiency

Phoenix Insurance is among the top in Ghana

Vision Statement

To be the insurance company of choice.

Mission Statement

Phoenix Insurance aims to offer insurance services of the highest quality to its clients by creating a unique and innovative portfolio of insurance products that will set us apart from the competition.
This will be done by focusing on the provision of personalized, convenient and speedy services as well as deploying technology to facilitate our business process.

Our Insurance Advantage

At Phoenix Insurance, we have a deep understanding of the issues facing our customers. We believe in offering more than just insurance.

Our dedicated staff is committed to helping clients protect their assets by providing:

  • Specialist insurance advice;
  • Flexible underwriting, and
  • Independent, on-site risk management inspections and expert advice.

We differentiate ourselves from all others by:

  • Providing a delightful service experience for our clients and intermediaries, through a delightful customer service culture;
  • Creating innovative, value-added products to meet the changing needs of today’s discerning customer, and
  • Encouraging an organizational culture that fosters growth, and embraces diversity.

Our Corporate Objectives

Our objectives include:

  • To settle and pay genuine claims within days, after all the required supporting documents have been submitted;
  • To design innovative products to meet the needs of special segments of the insurance market, and
  • To keep employees satisfied, in order to maintain an impeccable customer service quality.