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The Phoenix Marine Cargo Policies

This policy offers protection to importers, exporters, companies and individuals against loss, theft or damage to their goods or properties conveyed by sea or waterways such as rivers, lakes and canals.

The policy is also extended to cover damage or loss of goods when carried by road or rail, to and from the port. This is called Warehouse-to-Warehouse policy.

The Marine Cargo policy also covers the import and export of goods and personal effects by air.

Open Cover Facility

Phoenix Insurance will provide an Open Cover Marine Policy for all imports and exports insured under the Open Cover facility.

The Open Cover facility will give the following benefits to the assured:

  • Automatic 24-hour cover to all declared imports or exports, without exception;
  • Assurance to determine his / her insurance programme for the accounting year, and
  • Ability to know the amount of premium payable on each shipment, well in advance.

In addition, Phoenix Insurance shall give comprehensive Marine Insurance Cover on the basis of the Institute Cargo Clauses (A) 1/1/82, including war, strikes and civil commotion for all goods imported and/or exported by the insured’s firm / organisation.

Importers can use this policy as collateral in the establishment of letters of credit with banks. This is a benefit, which assists importers who would not have got letters of credit established by their banks, for goods they could not have paid for outright.


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