With over fifteen years of superb operational efficiency

Phoenix Insurance is among the top insurers in Ghana

Message from CEO

At Phoenix Insurance, we have a lot to be proud of, and are committed to leading by example. We aspire to continually exhibiting leadership in all facets of our operations. We remain committed to delivering a high degree of professionalism for the benefit of our customers, employees, and owners. Most importantly, we have ably demonstrated that we have the strength of character to back up our commitments. Our purpose is to deliver unparalleled value, through a delightful customer service culture.

Phoenix Insurance is at a crucial phase in its lifecycle. Our company continues to undergo significant transformations; changes which have no doubt firmly placed us for remarkable growth and development. Our drive forward is firmly geared in the direction of reaching out to all of our stakeholders, and the nurturing of these relationships.

A new management team has been put in place to spearhead the continued growth of the company. Phoenix Insurance is fortunate to gain the commitment of this highly skilled management team that understands the intricacies, challenges and opportunities that constitute the levers of change in Ghana’s insurance industry. Our stakeholders can look forward to a seamless transition, and rest assured that the work of enhancing the value and market position of Phoenix Insurance will continue in an uninterrupted manner.

We are confident about continuing the impressive growth of the company, under the previous management team. Now that the baton of leadership has been passed on to us, we look forward to continuing the race valiantly, with the view to winning. With relentless resolve, we will focus on our mission of maximizing the value of the company’s assets, and exceed all stakeholder expectations, through continuous renewal and a performance-driven approach.

We aim to be the insurer of choice in Ghana, by providing the most innovative and comprehensive protections against a full range of business and everyday risks for individuals, institutions and business organizations. We continue to focus on doing far more for our clients, ensuring that their interests are adequately secured. Prompt payment of genuine claims is a hallmark of our company’s place in the industry. We will continue to push the boundaries of rapid claims payment, within the entire industry.

It is our people who project our brand values and our passion for excellence at all service touch points. We will continue to invest in the improvement of our people, to ensure the maintenance and improvement of our high performance standards. Our customers can continue to count on our pleasant and professional staff to delight them with our unsurpassed service culture.

I am grateful to our numerous loyal clients, for their continued contribution to our success. I assure you all of our proverbial delightful service culture, and invite the rest of the insuring public who are yet to enjoy our exceptional service delivery to join the winning team at Phoenix Insurance.